Caesar Salad Juicy chicken fillet, bacon, iceberg lettuce, parmesan flakes, and authentic Caesar dressing. photo photo_2
Superfood Salad Mixed salad with quinoa, lentils, avocado with lime dressing and nuts. 2_photo 2_photo_2 vegan
Coleslaw Salad Vegetables flavored with tarragon, mayo and toasted sesame seeds. 3_photo vegan
Spicy Chicken Salad Καραμελωμένο φιλέτο κοτόπουλου με AP sauce και σουσάμι, mix λαχανικών, cheddar, κόλιανδρος, lime dressing. 5_photo
vegeterian Vegetarian
vegan Vegan
The symbols are in regards to the ingredients used in each recipe.