* Burger AP 100% ground beef burger, cheddar, AP sauce, mayo, tomato and iceberg. photo photo_2
* Chicken Burger Crunchy chicken, with an 18 spice breading, cooked in a sous vide, curry mayo, tomato and iceberg. 2_photo 2_photo_2
* BBQ Pancetta Burger Caramelized pork pancetta, cooked in a sous vide, BBQ sauce and coleslaw. 3_photo 3_photo_2
Hot Dog A Hot dog made with olive oil, pickle, BBQ mustard and coleslaw. 4_photo 4_photo_2
Superfood Burger A burger made with cracked wheat, lentils and peanuts with BBQ sauce and vegan mayo. 5_photo 5_photo_2 vegeterian
Tagliata Burger Beef fillet, slow cooked in a sous vide, homemade Béarnaise sauce and coleslaw. 6_photo 6_photo_2
Soft Shell Crab Burger Whole crunchy tempura fried crab with shell, thousand island sauce, surimi and coleslaw. 7_photo 7_photo_2
Duck Burger Crispy confit duck with hoisin sauce, cucumber, coriander and coleslaw. 8_photo 8_photo_2
* Extras Gluten free bread, Whole wheat bread, Crispy Bacon, Egg, Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Onion rings, Double Beef Patty, Fries (individual portion).
vegeterian Vegetarian
vegan Vegan
The symbols are in regards to the ingredients used in each recipe.